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The Saddest Pin Set Ever by Ezra Brown

The Saddest Pin Set Ever by Ezra Brown

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The Saddest Pin Set Ever™

We're all gonna die. Our beloved pets go way before we do, that's something we all have to deal with many times throughout our lives.... you'll find us and Ezra crying about those losses, but you know what? Eventually the pain ends for us. When we die ourselves. Life is short, don't forget it. Eventually we all push up some daisies. So enjoy what you can, when you can. 

Designs by Ezra Brown, produced by Tenacious Toys. This depressing 3-pin set features: Dead Happy pushing daisies (3 inches long), Coco the dog (1.5 inches tall), and Crying Happy (1.75 inches tall). All three soft enamel pins are mounted to a single card designed by Ezra, with full color artwork on the back.

Set is 3 soft enamel pins on a single 12x12 cm backer card, with full color artwork on the back. Packaged safely in a polybag to protect the pins. This initial run was 200 sets. 

Follow Ezra on IG: @ezrabr0wn 

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