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A JOMMENTARY Gradient vinyl figure by XXCRUE

A JOMMENTARY Gradient vinyl figure by XXCRUE

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The piece is inspired by Tom & Jerry along with many other art and fashion references. It is to highlight that we can be a collection of many different parts, we all have a Tom and Jerry inside of us. Both a side that wants to be mischievous, wild and free and a side that wants to be serious, focused and accomplished. Every detail of the sculpture highlights the ability to balance opposites, a baggy pant with a tight cuff, a feminine pant with a masculine figure, a fist and a reach. When we learn to balance all that we are, we grow to our fullest potential.

We hope this figure can inspire you with the confidence to take agency over your own existence. Join in as a creator, channeling the tension and energy of opposing forces to write your own story and to rise to the greatest version of yourself.

  • 10% of proceeds go to charity
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